Stéphane Abrial

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In his valedictory speech last year, then-U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates argued that the partnership between the North American and European sides of the NATO alliance needed a new impulse.

At the Chicago summit meeting on Sunday and Monday, leaders of the 28 NATO members will tackle that precise challenge and set the alliance on a new course to acquire the capabilities it will need to deal with an increasingly complex security environment.

It will do so by endorsing a defense package that sets forth a vision for the future NATO forces and identifies the means to achieve this objective in a time of austerity: the Smart Defense and the Connected Forces initiatives.…  Seguir leyendo »

Last November’s NATO summit in Lisbon agreed to a new security concept that frames the way the alliance will address the full range of emerging threats to our collective peace and security.

Among the most pressing and potentially dangerous of these threats are cyberattacks. NATO leaders committed to a renewed cyberdefense policy and to taking immediate action to protect the alliance’s information systems against hostile attacks.

As the custodian of NATO’s military future, Allied Command Transformation, which I command, has a central role in developing the capabilities and supporting the doctrine that NATO will need to put in place to achieve those objectives.…  Seguir leyendo »