Steven L. Spiegel

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There’s a new industry in Washington, Jerusalem and Ramallah. It’s called Kerry-bashing: The secretary of State never should have tried to bring about an Israeli-Palestinian deal; he wasted too much time; he’s too soft on the Israelis or Palestinians or both; he needs to get on to other issues.

Why the criticism? John F. Kerry has brought the peace process back into focus, he’s dragged both sides into talks even though they were loath to make concessions, and he has altered the dialogue and perhaps even attained some concessions behind the scenes. And then it all came crashing down over the sudden Palestinian turn to the United Nations, ostensibly because Israel stalled a few days on an agreement to release prisoners.…  Seguir leyendo »

The interim agreement with Iran over its nuclear program may or may not represent a breakthrough in the longer and more difficult talks to continue for the next six months. In either case, the United States must address a critical requirement for success: Assuaging the deep fears in Israel and Saudi Arabia that Iran would try to violate any final agreement.

Even before it was agreed to, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel scathingly dismissed an outline of the initial accord as an “historic mistake.” The Saudis, Iran’s major regional rival, are equally unwilling to think that Iran would keep any promises it might make.…  Seguir leyendo »