Stuart Franklin

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A scene from the Bogside in Derry in 1971 taken by Don McCullin. Photograph: Don McCullin/PA

A picture, the old saying goes, is worth a thousand words. Yet photography – especially the reportage variety – is said to be losing its allure. Since 2010, several photographers have voiced concerns about the future of photojournalism, citing a crisis of confidence, weak support within the media industry worldwide, technological change and visual overload.

The American photographer Eros Hoagland divulged recently on CNN: “I don’t believe photojournalism is a very important job. My pictures and the pictures of my colleagues, they don’t really change anything. So let’s not pretend they do.” Photographers Patrick Chauvel and Don McCullin expressed a similar view during a panel discussion in 2013.…  Seguir leyendo »