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Kofi Annan’s Lessons in Global Leadership

The world is facing a set of acute crises without recent parallel: a war in Europe that could escalate into a nuclear conflict, skyrocketing food prices that are hitting the poor the hardest, the COVID-19 pandemic, and the climate emergency. We need principled statesmen and women to forge bold, morally consistent responses to these and other global problems. Sadly, such leaders are in short supply.

Many politicians prefer to advocate polarizing policies, avoid hard choices, and deny the scale of the threats at hand. Others have tried to address these issues honestly. But those who favor cooperation and solidarity in dealing with global threats are on the defensive, as last year’s underwhelming United Nations Climate Change Conference in Glasgow and grossly unequal global access to COVID-19 vaccines clearly illustrate.…  Seguir leyendo »

A la pesca de un acuerdo para salvar al océano

El océano cubre más del 70% de la superficie de nuestro planeta, produce la mitad del oxígeno que respiramos, alimenta a miles de millones de personas y ofrece cientos de millones de empleos. También desempeña un papel importante a la hora de mitigar el cambio climático: más del 80% del ciclo global del carbono pasa por el océano. Pero este recurso natural precioso no es invencible. A pesar de todos los beneficios que nos aporta, el océano hoy enfrenta crisis generadas por el hombre que no tienen precedentes y que amenazan su salud y su capacidad de sustentar la vida en la Tierra.…  Seguir leyendo »

A man walks past burning waste on a road between Morocco and Mauritania in Guerguerat located in the Western Sahara, on 23 November 23 2020, after the intervention of the royal Moroccan armed forces in the area. FADEL SENNA / AFP

The resumption of hostilities in Western Sahara exacerbates the plight of tens of thousands of Sahrawi refugees and fuels conflict in North Africa, the Sahel and Europe. The UN Security Council, months after fighting has restarted, has yet to take a clear stance to address the crisis. It is time now for Washington to act and place a higher priority on resolving the conflict. Given its influence over both parties, the U.S. has a special responsibility ahead of an important Council meeting on the disputed territory this month.

Morocco and the Polisario Front have been locked in a conflict over Western Sahara since 1975.…  Seguir leyendo »

Over the past 50 years, China has undeniably established itself as a global power. It has made progress on many fronts, particularly in furthering the development agenda. Nonetheless, President Xi Jinping’s efforts to cast his country as a responsible and benign super power ring hollow when his government continues to engage in hostage diplomacy. As a current academic dean and a former business executive and diplomat, I can unequivocally say that the world is eager to see China firmly commit to not using people as bargaining chips.

This is especially relevant to me because a staff member of the International Crisis Group – an organization that I co-chair – today marked his 1,000th day in Chinese detention for no other reason than the fact of his Canadian citizenship.…  Seguir leyendo »