Susanna P. Campbell

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Soldiers and police at the scene where more than 20 people were killed in their homes in an overnight attack in the Ruhagarika community in the rural northwestern province of Cibitoke, Burundi, on May 12, 2018. (AP)

In November 2018, the Paris Peace Forum, the brainchild of French President Emmanuel Macron, aimed to bring together key participants in global governance — “states, international organizations, local governments, NGOs and foundations, companies, experts, journalists, trade unions, religious groups and citizens” — to help build peace.

While the delegates discussed peace in grand halls in Paris, violence escalated again in Congo, leaving several U.N. peacekeepers dead. Burundi was once a model of international peacebuilding success. Now, the Burundi government increasingly uses violence and oppression against its critics.

Some analysts see these examples as evidence that multilateral peacebuilding efforts do not work.…  Seguir leyendo »