Tariq Ali

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Santiago Maldonado, 28 ans, a été vu pour la dernière fois le 1er août dernier, lorsque la gendarmerie argentine menait une énième opération de répression contre la communauté autochtone mapuche en lutte («Lof» en Résistance du Cushamen, «Lof» étant un terme indien qui désigne une communauté indigène) qui manifestait sur la route nationale n°40, dans la province du Chubut, dans le Sud du pays, sur une propriété de la multinationale Benetton, territoire revendiqué par les Mapuches.

Jeune activiste solidaire de la cause autochtone, des témoins oculaires affirment qu’il aurait été capturé, frappé puis chargé à bord d’une camionnette aux insignes de la gendarmerie argentine.…  Seguir leyendo »

Le scénario est maintenant bien connu en Europe. Une atrocité terroriste est commise. Des innocents ont été visés. Des jeunes gens sont morts. Qu’il s’agisse du Bataclan ou d’une salle de concerts de Manchester, le type de réponse est le même. Des badges proclamant « I love Paris », « I love Manchester » inondent les réseaux sociaux. Un rassemblement de solidarité est organisé. On rend hommage aux victimes. On célèbre les actes singuliers d’héroïsme. On met en avant la gentillesse témoignée envers les étrangers.

Soldats et policiers patrouillent les rues. La presse conservatrice de Murdoch et ses satellites accusent le leader du Labour, Jeremy Corbyn.…  Seguir leyendo »

Mural of Vladimir Lenin. Credit Shepard Sherbell/Corbis SABA, via Getty Images

Red century. A hundred years after the Russian Revolution, can a phoenix rise from the ash heap of history?

What was Vladimir Lenin thinking on the long journey to Petrograd’s Finland Station in 1917?

Like everyone else, he had been taken by surprise at the speed with which the February Revolution had succeeded. As he traveled from Zurich across Europe to Russia, on board a sealed train courtesy of Germany’s kaiser, he must have reflected that this was an opportunity not to be missed.

That the weak liberal parties dominated the new government was to be expected. What worried him were the reports he was receiving that his own Bolsheviks were vacillating over the way forward.…  Seguir leyendo »

Once again, it seems that Russia and the United States are finding it difficult to agree on how to deal with their respective ambitions. This clash of interests is highlighted by the Ukrainian crisis. The provocation in this particular instance, as the leaked recording of a US diplomat, Victoria Nuland, saying "Fuck the EU" suggests, came from Washington.

Several decades ago, at the height of the cold war, George Kennan, a leading American foreign policy strategist invited to give the Reith Lectures, informed his audience: "There is, let me assure you, nothing in nature more egocentric than embattled democracy. It soon becomes the victim of its own propaganda.…  Seguir leyendo »

Twelve years ago, a few weeks into the occupation of Afghanistan, I suggested (in these pages) that the euphoria aroused by an easy conquest was misplaced. It would be a long war and one of its side effects would be to seriously destabilise Pakistan. Unfortunately, events have not contradicted the analysis. The spillover into Pakistan has been creating havoc for years. The view that this has nothing to do with Afghanistan is too shallow to deserve serious consideration.

It's no secret that, since 9/11, successive governments –Musharraf, Zardari and now the Sharif brothers – have agreed to US drone attacks and been aware of covert CIA operations being carried out in Pakistan.…  Seguir leyendo »

The deadly blast in Islamabad was a revenge attack for what has been going on over the past few weeks in the badlands of the North-West Frontier. It highlighted the crisis confronting the new government in the wake of intensified US strikes in the tribal areas on the Afghan border.

Hellfire missiles, drones, special operation raids inside Pakistan and the resulting deaths of innocents have fuelled Pashtun nationalism. It is this spillage from the war in Afghanistan that is now destabilising Pakistan.

The de facto prime minister of the country, an unelected crony of President Zardari and now his chief adviser, Rehman Malik, said, "our enemies don't want to see democracy flourishing in the country".…  Seguir leyendo »

Asif Alí Zardari -que, elegido por el destino para convertirse en esposo de Benazir Bhutto, hizo posteriormente todo lo que pudo para evitar caer de nuevo en el olvido- no tardará en ser el nuevo presidente de Pakistán. Los empalagosos parásitos que tanto abundan en el país montarán unas cuantas celebraciones y las lenguas siempre prestas de los antiguos compinches (algunos ahora nombrados embajadores en capitales occidentales) hablarán de cuánto ha mejorado la democracia. También estará encantado el círculo de amigos más próximo a Zardari, que, después de compartir el botín del poder con él la última vez, ha mantenido su lealtad, rechazando todos los incentivos para testificar en su contra en las denuncias de corrupción de que ha sido objeto.…  Seguir leyendo »

Even those of us sharply critical of Benazir Bhutto's behaviour and policies - both while she was in office and more recently - are stunned and angered by her death. Indignation and fear stalk the country once again.An odd coexistence of military despotism and anarchy created the conditions leading to her assassination in Rawalpindi yesterday. In the past, military rule was designed to preserve order - and did so for a few years. No longer. Today it creates disorder and promotes lawlessness. How else can one explain the sacking of the chief justice and eight other judges of the country's supreme court for attempting to hold the government's intelligence agencies and the police accountable to courts of law?…  Seguir leyendo »

Every Pakistani leader, civilian or military, sits on a throne that is placed on a volcano periodically shaken by convulsions. As a crisis-ridden country prepares to commemorate the 60th anniversary of its foundation next week, the government is seriously divided, and its uniformed president was reported to be considering the imposition of a state of emergency, usually the last act of a government about to fall.In most countries the very existence of a military leader symbolises a state of emergency, but not in Pakistan. The military has ruled the country for more than 30 years, survived the hot lava of numerous uprisings and assassinations, and always returned to power, largely unscathed.…  Seguir leyendo »

Tony Blair entregó su lealtad, ante todo, a la Casa Blanca. El resultado ha sido un legado de odio que ha acabado con su mandato.

El final fue también un ejercicio de manipulación típico del Nuevo Laborismo y nuestro querido líder. Un público minuciosamente escogido, un discurso en defensa de sí mismo, la voz temblorosa... y fin. En su momento, Blair había llegado al número 10 de Downing Street con una exhibición cuidadosamente organizada de banderas. También el otro día hubo muestras de fervor patriótico, con referencias a "este bendito país... el mejor país del mundo" y sin decir nada de los McDonald's, Starbucks, Benetton que adornan las calles principales de cada ciudad de Gran Bretaña ni el hecho de que, bajo su mandato, la imagen de este país en el resto del mundo ha pasado a ser la del perro de presa favorito en la perrera imperial.…  Seguir leyendo »