Thomas Borer

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The Parliament Building in Bern, Switzerland, in October 2021. (Denis Balibouse/Reuters)

Neutrality is a centuries-old instrument of Swiss security and foreign policy. It has become part of the Swiss national identity, a “national myth of almost religious consecration”, as historian Edgar Bonjour called it. Some Swiss conservatives even want to embed it in the Swiss constitution.

The Federal Diet of Switzerland was thinking more clearly in 1847, when it expressly rejected the idea of including neutrality in the constitution, because it was impossible to know whether neutrality “would one day have to be abandoned in pursuit of our own independence”. As a Swiss diplomat in the United States in 1990, I adhered to this idea in our effort to reposition Switzerland after the end of the Cold War, arguing that “neutrality should remain a means of foreign policy only so long as it is better able than other concepts to serve the realization of national interests”.…  Seguir leyendo »