Tim Collins

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As the Iraqi-led coalition move toliberate Mosul, Iraq's second city, the question we should all be asking is this: What will happen next?

What will be the outcome, the ramifications and legacy of the capture of the city, its occupation, the symbolism of its liberation and finally, its recovery?

Coming from Northern Ireland, I know that the siege of Londonderry is still recalled in detail 300 years after it ended. It remains a point of contention because of its religious significance. Will Mosul be the same? Possibly.

The once multi-faith and ethnically diverse Mosul has changed; the sectarian balance has shifted in favour of Sunni Muslims, especially after the expulsion of the Kurdish and significant Turkoman population -- and the obliteration of the Christians, Jews, Yazidis and Manadeans.…  Seguir leyendo »