Tom Ridge

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Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei recently accused the United States of failing to honor pledges in the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action. Citing “the futility of negotiations with the Americans,” he distanced himself from the nuclear deal he once supported.

Coming just weeks after the one-year anniversary of the agreement, his charge is just another in an escalating war of words from Tehran that reminds the world that the “era of good feelings” promised by U.S. negotiators never came to pass. Nor have Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

Tehran’s change in tune should come as no surprise. Intelligence reports have long warned that the regime continued its attempts to obtain illicit nuclear material right up to the brink of implementation of the deal.…  Seguir leyendo »

The Iranian regime’s war against the United States — and it is very much a war — has largely been fought by proxies for more than two decades. The U.S. government considers Iran the world’s No. 1 state sponsor of terrorism.

Beginning just after the Iranian revolution in 1979, the regime began funding and directing terrorist groups such as Hezbollah to attack Americans, our interests and our allies. It has used Syria, Iraq and Lebanon, among other places, as recruitment markets and alternative battlegrounds in an attempt to weaken the United States and indirectly bleed out American resolve and resources.

Thousands have died, including hundreds of our Marines in Lebanon and troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.…  Seguir leyendo »