Vicki Huddleston

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When President Obama announced that the United States would normalize relations with Cuba, he quoted a Cuban saying — “No es fácil,” or “It won’t be easy” — to emphasize the long road ahead in discarding a more than 50-year-old policy.

Mr. Obama’s historic announcement has provided the foundation for a vastly improved relationship. But ensuring that the new relationship prospers and becomes an engine for a democratic and stable Cuba will not be easy. To move the process forward steadily and quickly, the United States and the international community should agree on a strategy that encourages positive change.

The symbolism of full diplomatic relations is huge: The American flag will fly in Havana, and the Cuban flag in Washington.…  Seguir leyendo »

French airstrikes that began on Friday have stopped, for now, a network of terrorists, criminals and religious extremists from taking over Mali. Until the French stepped in, the near-collapse of the military had threatened to turn Mali, a landlocked, desperately poor country, into a desert stronghold for jihadists.

America, which has spent more than $500 million over the last four years to keep Islamist militants at bay in West Africa, has its hands full in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Egypt and Libya, among other places, but it is in our national interest to support the French. North African countries, in particular Algeria, must also help save Mali from catastrophe.…  Seguir leyendo »