Vinod Khosla

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Our planet's climate crisis is accelerating. From Greenpeace to the UN, many are insisting on an urgent effort to maximise carbon reductions by 2030. Others fret over the economic effects of any sudden transition. I question a tacit assumption that underlies those urging immediate action, which is that we already have the technologies for rapid, widespread decarbonisation. I think that old coal and natural-gas plants need to keep operating to meet the planet’s climate, social and economic needs while development of alternatives continues.

Is it more important to maximise reductions by 2030 or by 2050? Although we do not know when exactly certain climatic tipping points may be reached, I believe it is extremely important that net emissions zero out by 2050.…  Seguir leyendo »

If our goal is carbon reduction, a cap-and-trade or carbon-pricing bill, with its likely compromises, would be worse right now than no regulation. Pricing carbon below $40 per ton will not change how industry does business or drive adoption of new technologies. With legislation unlikely to support such prices, uncertainty is better than a low price that disincentivizes the development of technologies that have radically less carbon.

Much as Craig Venter used tools for genome sequencing to outrace the larger, longer and costlier government-sponsored human genome project, it makes more sense to focus over the next five years on the development of carbon-reduction technologies rather than on maximizing short-term emissions reduction.…  Seguir leyendo »