Zoe Williams

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There are no exceptions. Under Nicaragua's anti-abortion laws, even a pregnancy that cannot possibly result in a viable baby – an anencephalic or ectopic one – has to be carried to its limits. A woman who gets pregnant through an act of rape or incest has to have the baby; and the deeper you delve into the horrors enumerated in this week's Amnesty International report, the more inhumane it gets: 77% of rape cases involve girls under 17; between 2005 and 2007, 16% of those crimes resulted in pregnancy, and the great majority of those pregnancies were in girls of between 10 and 14, at which age obstetric complications are very common.…  Seguir leyendo »

It has such a stupid name, it doesn't actually sound like software: it sounds like a deliberate attempt to mock a totalitarian government that tries to use software; like someone's brought George Orwell back from the dead (just one more job, mate …); nevertheless, the Chinese government is pretty serious about its Green Dam Youth Escort package, through which it aims to control individual access to porn sites on the internet. A press ­release on Monday detailed three Chinese ­computer companies who had vouched to pre-install the software (no foreign ones as yet), and said it had already been installed in 52.7m units.…  Seguir leyendo »

The financial analyst Richard Ratner warned a month ago that the British high street was facing its worst Christmas for a quarter of a century. Some people are immune: John Lewis is up 6% on last year, and M&S, the lumbering velveteen dinosaur of consumerism, is doing surprisingly well. Most other retailers, however, are falling neatly into line with Ratner's prediction. Woolworths has been hit so hard by the slump that it has said that, unless something incredible happens in the next three weeks, this yule will yield profits of under half of last year's.

Internet shopping has been blamed, though one does have to ask, since many of these shops have websites, why would they be victims of this trend and not victors?…  Seguir leyendo »