Caso Chelsea Manning

U.S. Army Pfc. Chelsea Manning. (Associated Press)

In the last six years, two whistle-blowers have exposed government wrongdoing in the war on terrorism. Both have been punished for their actions — one with imprisonment, the other with exile. Both recently made progress in their struggles with the government, but only one enjoys the high-profile support that both deserve.

This week, the ACLU and Amnesty International launched a campaign urging President Obama to pardon Edward Snowden, the former CIA employee and government contractor who leaked more than a million classified documents in 2013. The campaign  — endorsed by luminaries including Maggie Gyllenhaal, Daniel Radcliffe, George Soros, Michael Stipe, Jimmy Wales and Steve Wozniak — was timed to coincide with the premiere of a major Hollywood biopic, “Snowden”, with Oliver Stone directing and Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the starring role.…  Seguir leyendo »