Conflicto palestino-israelí

A Palestinian protester is shown near the border with Israel in the Eastern Gaza Strip on Tuesday, a day after some 60 Palestinian protesters were killed by Israeli forces. (Mohammed Saber/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock)

Gaza is a tragedy. Palestinians there feel abandoned, cut off from the world. They have suffered through conflict after conflict, and now endure a collapsed economy, decaying electrical and water infrastructure, and deteriorating health conditions.

In the eight years I served on President Barack Obama’s Middle East team, I found no issue more impervious to solutions. Sometimes the crisis would fester on a low burn. Other times, like this week, it would burst forth in a violent spike.

Many factors contribute to Gaza’s plight. But any honest accounting must start with Hamas, the terrorist organization that has ruled Gaza since 2007, following Israel’s 2005 withdrawal.…  Seguir leyendo »

La caja de los truenos

Mientras Ivanka Trump, envuelta en un vaporoso vestido que daba que hablar a los presentes, descubría la placa inaugurando la flamante Embajada de Estados Unidos en Jerusalén, el Ejército israelí mataba a balazos a sesenta palestinos y hería a mil setecientos que, lanzándole piedras, trataban de acercarse a las alambradas que separan Gaza del territorio de Israel. Ambos acontecimientos no coincidían por azar, el último era consecuencia del primero.

La decisión del presidente Trump de reconocer a Jerusalén como la capital de Israel, anunciada en su campaña electoral, rompe setenta años de neutralidad de Estados Unidos. Este, al igual que sus aliados en Occidente, sostenía hasta ahora que la capitalidad de Jerusalén, reclamada tanto por palestinos como por israelíes, debía decidirse en el acuerdo entre ambas partes que contemplara la creación de los dos Estados que coexistirían en la región.…  Seguir leyendo »

Two women struggle in a cloud of tear gas at the border fence with Israel on Tuesday in Gaza.CreditSpencer Platt/Getty Images

For the past seven weeks, every Friday morning a small group of teenagers had met at the corner of my street. They would exchange “Good mornings,” chat amicably for a while and then head east to the protests at the border with Israel. On Monday, they gathered again, this time to demonstrate against the opening of the new American embassy in Jerusalem. Tuesday was supposed to be the protests’ climax: It commemorated Nakba, the catastrophe, when Palestinians were expelled from our land by Israel in 1948. But somehow President Trump managed to add a day to our calendar of infamy, and it may be the crassest yet.…  Seguir leyendo »

Israeli soldiers guarding the Israel-Gaza border on Tuesday. (Ariel Schalit/AP)

Here are the two takes from the Israeli military on the Gaza border clashes on Monday, during which soldiers killed at least 60 Palestinians: “We won.” And, “Well, not so much.”

“We won” is my abbreviation of the banner headline in the daily Yediot Ahronot. As the paper’s military commentator explained, the army kept demonstrators from crossing the border and entering Israeli communities, and no Israelis were hurt. If you measure victory by whether you held your territory, and by the relative body count, that’s a win.

“Not so much” is the very short version of what an Israel Defense Forces spokesman reportedly said during a briefing organized by the Jewish Federations of North America on Tuesday.…  Seguir leyendo »

Ismail Haniyeh, the leader of Hamas’s political wing, with protesters at Gaza’s border fence with Israel on Tuesday. (Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

I am no fan of President Trump and I am ready to blame him for a lot of things — but not for the terrible bloodshed in the Gaza Strip on Monday. Yes, the confrontation between Palestinians and Israeli security forces occurred at the same time as the unveiling of the new U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem. And, yes, the embassy’s relocation could have been handled more smoothly and diplomatically. But it doesn’t mean that, if the embassy had stayed in Tel Aviv, peace and tranquility would have prevailed in Gaza.

Hamas, the terrorist organization that controls Gaza, would not accept any U.S.…  Seguir leyendo »

Il est des rêves maléfiques, des fantasmes funestes. Ils donnent une satisfaction imaginaire à des désirs inavouables, mais parfois, ils induisent des conduites bien réelles… ou, malheureusement, des politiques. Comme ce rêve, que pourraient faire les partisans du gouvernement d’extrême droite, allié aux religieux les plus radicaux, que dirige Benyamin Nétanyahou : «Un matin, les Israéliens, n’en croyant pas leurs yeux, découvrent qu’entre la Méditerranée et le Jourdain, à Jérusalem-Est, à Ramallah, Hébron, Naplouse, Bethléem, et même dans la bande de Gaza, il n’y a soudain plus un seul Palestinien !» Envolés, disparus, volatilisés ou exilés ! Une sorte de Nakba fulgurante et silencieuse aurait eu lieu.…  Seguir leyendo »

Manifestantes palestinos escapan del fuego y el gas lacrimógeno que lanzan soldados. Credit Ibraheem Abu Mustafa/Reuters

La semilla que creció para convertirse en la Gran Marcha del Retorno se plantó el 9 de diciembre, solo unos días después de que el presidente estadounidense, Donald Trump, anunció que reconocía a Jerusalén como capital de Israel.

Los palestinos nos hemos aferrado desde hace mucho al sueño de que Jerusalén sea nuestra capital, o por lo menos una capital compartida para un país que ofrece los mismos derechos para todos. El sentimiento de traición y preocupación en Gaza fue palpable con el anuncio. Para despejar mi mente, mi amigo Hasan y yo dimos un paseo a lo largo de la frontera, lo cual hacemos de vez en cuando.…  Seguir leyendo »

Un palestino lanza piedras durante la protesta en la frontera entre Gaza e Israel, el 14 de mayo de 2018. SAID KHATIB AFP

No hay palabras para describir lo que significa Nakba para los palestinos. Aunque su traducción literal es “catástrofe”, no se refiere a una sola catástrofe ni a una fecha concreta. Para nosotros, no hace 70 años que ocurrió la Nakba, sino que llevamos viviendo 70 años de Nakba. Nakba es la negación sistemática a cada palestino del derecho a vivir en su tierra y al pueblo palestino del derecho a su identidad nacional y política. Pero los intentos de expulsar a los palestinos han fracasado, por nuestro vínculo innato con la tierra y el heroísmo de nuestro orgulloso pueblo.…  Seguir leyendo »

Over the past month and a half, thousands of Palestinians in Gaza have taken part in a series of weekly protests called the Great Return March, culminating Tuesday with Nakba Day, when Palestinians mark their mass expulsion during Israel’s establishment in 1948.

Men, women and children have been braving Israeli army sniper fire to demand that they be allowed to exercise their internationally recognized right to return to lands they were expelled from by Israel. More than 100 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli soldiers, and thousands more have been wounded since the protests began.

While much of the media coverage has been casting the protests as a response to the Trump administration’s move of the U.S.…  Seguir leyendo »

People run through tear gas May 15 carrying an injured woman at the border fence with Israel in Gaza City, Gaza. (Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

As the United States moved its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, the Israeli government was ecstatic. In contrast, Palestinians were irate, organizing public demonstrations throughout the spring. When the embassy opened its doors May 14, Israeli soldiers fired live ammunition into large crowds of mostly unarmed demonstrators, some of whom were attempting to cross the border.

The result was at least 60 deaths — the deadliest day in Gaza since the 2014 Israeli-Gaza war.

What justice can be done for the victims of violence wrought by both Palestinian militants and Israeli forces on Palestinian civilians? One avenue would be the International Criminal Court (ICC), which has jurisdiction in the Palestinian territories.…  Seguir leyendo »

Sheikh Ismaeil Haneiya of Hamas flashed the victory sign on Tuesday near the border with Israel in the east of the Gaza Strip. Scores of demonstrators had been killed by Israeli soldiers the day before.CreditMohammed Saber/European Pressphoto Agency, via Shutterstock

During my years in the international press here in Israel, long before the bloody events of this week, I came to respect Hamas for its keen ability to tell a story.

At the end of 2008 I was a desk editor, a local hire in The Associated Press’s Jerusalem bureau, during the first serious round of violence in Gaza after Hamas took it over the year before. That conflict was grimly similar to the American campaign in Iraq, in which a modern military fought in crowded urban confines against fighters concealed among civilians. Hamas understood early that the civilian death toll was driving international outrage at Israel, and that this, not I.E.D.s or ambushes, was the most important weapon in its arsenal.…  Seguir leyendo »

Manifestantes palestinos escapan del fuego y el gas lacrimógeno que lanzan soldados. Credit Ibraheem Abu Mustafa/Reuters

The seed that grew into Gaza’s Great Return March was planted Dec. 9, just a few days after President Trump announced he would recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Palestinians long have held onto the dream of Jerusalem as our own capital, or at least as a shared capital in a country that offers equal rights to everyone. The feeling of betrayal and distress in Gaza was palpable. To clear my head, my friend Hasan and I took a walk along the border, which we do every now and again.

“There lies our land,” I said to Hasan, as I looked at the trees on the other side of the barbed-wire fence that confines us.…  Seguir leyendo »

Le transfert de l’ambassade américaine lundi 14 mai marquera officiellement la reconnaissance de Jérusalem comme capitale d’Israël par une poignée d’Etats alignés sur les positions du président américain Donald Trump. Soixante-dix ans jour pour jour après la proclamation de l’Etat par David Ben Gourion, ce geste hautement symbolique changera en fait peu de chose – la quasi-totalité des Etats membres de l’ONU considèrent toujours que la question doit être réglée dans un cadre négocié avec les Palestiniens – mais constitue une victoire pour Benyamin Nétanyahou.

Tandis que des dizaines de Palestiniens ont trouvé la mort depuis le début des marches organisées à la frontière avec Gaza, le « roi Bibi », détenteur du record du plus long mandat de premier ministre et perpétuellement à la recherche d’éléments lui permettant d’embellir son bilan pour faire oublier les accusations de corruption, n’a de cesse de célébrer le statut qu’Israël a acquis depuis sa création il y a soixante-dix ans.…  Seguir leyendo »

Le transfert de l’ambassade américaine à Jérusalem est certes contraire au droit international et ne va pas dans le sens de la paix. Mais il est surtout la reconnaissance d’un état de fait : cent vingt ans après l’arrivée des premiers immigrants et la parution du livre de Theodor Herzl, L’Etat des Juifs, Israël contrôle, d’une manière ou d’une autre, 90 % du territoire de l’ancienne Palestine, et personne ne doute vraiment que l’annexion de Jérusalem-Est soit définitive.

Deux guerres ont rendu possible cette domination presque totale : 1948, qui a permis la création d’un Etat, et 1967, qui lui a assuré la mainmise sur la Cisjordanie.…  Seguir leyendo »

GAZA CITY, GAZA - MAY 14: Palestinians take part the protest, organized to mark 70th anniversary of Nakba, also known as Day of the Catastrophe in 1948, and against United States' plans to relocate the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, near Israeli border in eastern part of Shuja'iyya neighborhood of Gaza City, Gaza on May 14, 2018. (Photo by Ali Jadallah/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images)

The battle against infiltration in the border areas at all times of day and night will be carried out mainly by opening fire, without giving warning, on any individual or group that cannot be identified from afar by our troops as Israeli citizens and who are, at the moment they are spotted, [infiltrating] into Israeli territory.

This was the order issued in 1953 by Israel’s Fifth Giv’ati Brigade in response to the hundreds of Palestinian refugees who sought to return to homes and lands from which they had been expelled in 1948. For years after the war, the recently displaced braved mines and bullets from border kibbutzim and risked harsh reprisals from Israel’s army to reclaim their property.…  Seguir leyendo »


Dentro de una estrategia de movilización que comenzó en marzo de 2018, Hamás amenaza con convocar una “Marcha Verde” el 15 de mayo de 2018 (Día de la Nakba) para desbordar la valla perimetral y colocar a las Fuerzas de Defensa de Israel ante el dilema de reprimir violentamente la irrupción.


Las movilizaciones y disturbios que comenzaron en la Franja de Gaza el llamado “Día de la Tierra” en marzo de 2018 y que está previsto que terminen con la del “Día de la Nakba” a mediados de mayo, se han cobrado ya medio centenar de muertos y cientos de heridos graves.…  Seguir leyendo »

Palestinian demonstrators tried to pull down part of the fence on the Israel-Gaza border, east of the northern town of Jabalia, on April 27.CreditMohammed Abed/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

In 2002, when the much of the international community was severely criticizing Israel for its tough military response to the wave of Palestinian suicide bombings known as the Second Intifada, the United Nations secretary general, Kofi Annan, asked with rhetorical exasperation, “Can Israel be right and the whole world wrong?”

Most Israelis would have surely answered: Of course.

After all, only two years earlier, Israel had offered to withdraw from virtually the entire West Bank and Gaza. In return, it received the worst wave of terrorism in its history. That Israeli narrative of why the peace process failed transformed Israel’s politics for a generation, leading to the near-total collapse of the left as a viable political force.…  Seguir leyendo »

Palestinian demonstrators on a sand plateau during clashes with Israeli forces last Friday east of Gaza City. Residents of Gaza are mounting a series of protests called the Great Return March.CreditMohammed Abed/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

Early in the morning on March 30, my 7-year-old son, Ali, saw me preparing to leave the house. This was unusual for our Friday routine.

“Where are you going, Dad?”

“To the border. To participate in the Great Return March.”

The Great Return March is the name that has been given to 45 days of protest along the border between Gaza and Israel. It began on March 30, Land Day, which commemorates the 1976 killings of six Palestinians inside Israel who had been protesting land confiscations, and ends on May 15, the 70th anniversary of the Nakba, the mass displacement of Palestinians during the 1948 war that lead to the creation of Israel.…  Seguir leyendo »

Gaza The Lesser Child of Israel’s Occupation

Sometime in the mid-1990s, I bade farewell to the Gaza Strip. In thrall to the great illusion, sweet and dizzying, that were the 1993 Oslo peace accords, I was sure that Gaza was about to be liberated from Israel’s occupation. The fate of that stretch of land mattered to me very much. There were nearly 700,000 Palestinian refugees there at the time, many already second- and third-generation. Most lived in camps, in disgraceful conditions.

Two decades later, Gaza is even worse off. The number of refugees there has almost doubled, reaching 1.3 million, out of a total population close to 1.9 million.…  Seguir leyendo »

Quiero un hogar donde vivir en paz

Estamos en una ceremonia que, por más ruido que haya suscitado, es un acto de recuerdo y comunión, y llena de un profundo silencio, el del vacío que deja la pérdida de los seres queridos.

Mi familia y yo perdimos en la guerra a Uri, un hombre joven, dulce, inteligente y divertido. Casi 12 años después, todavía me cuesta hablar de él en público.

La muerte de un ser querido es también la muerte de toda una cultura privada, personal y única que nunca volverá a existir. Afrontar ese “nunca” sin vuelta atrás es increíblemente doloroso. Luchar constantemente contra la pérdida es agotador.…  Seguir leyendo »