Britain Holds On to a Colony in Africa, With America’s Help

President Biden, speaking at the State Department’s headquarters soon after his inauguration, called the “rule of law” one of America’s “most cherished democratic values.” The notion, a central part of his foreign policy and his faith in treaties and international institutions, is both a riposte to the Trump administration and a useful stick with which to beat China and Russia.

During a recent visit to Japan and South Korea, Secretary of State Antony Blinken castigated Beijing for its “coercion and aggression” — for making extreme maritime claims in the South China Sea “that violate international law.”

Yet anyone who wants to weaponize the rule of law first needs to have their own house in order, and that includes being sure their closest allies do, too.…  Seguir leyendo »

Suppose someone were to describe a small country that provided free education through university for all of its citizens, transportation for school children, and free health care – including heart surgery – for all. You might suspect that such a country is either phenomenally rich or on the fast track to fiscal crisis.

After all, rich countries in Europe have increasingly found that they cannot pay for university education, and are asking young people and their families to bear the costs. For its part, the United States has never attempted to give free college for all, and it took a bitter battle just to ensure that America’s poor get access to health care – a guarantee that the Republican Party is now working hard to repeal, claiming that the country cannot afford it.…  Seguir leyendo »