It has all the makings of a Hollywood adaptation of a Dan Brown novel. Secrets of the Vatican exposed, documents stolen from the pope's desk, rows and rivalries between cardinals, vast sums of money, the involvement of the cultish organisation Opus Dei. And then the so-called Vatileaks scandal, which has had Rome agog for months, went a bit Da Vinci Code meets Cluedo: the butler allegedly did it.

Paolo Gabriele, who has worked for Pope Benedict XVI as one of his most personal aides for six years, has now been charged and sent to trial by a Vatican judge for leaking papal documents, including papers containing allegations of corruption and other financial problems.…  Seguir leyendo »

Last month, while Americans celebrated the feast days of two secular saints, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, the Vatican issued a surprising new directive calling for greater rigor in its own saint-making process. Published by the Vatican’s Congregation for the Causes of Saints, the 45-page document called for “strict adherence” to existing rules, in response to some concerns that the canonization procedures had been watered down over the last two decades.

Such criticisms are only half correct: the Vatican’s rules are actually far more rigorous than many may suspect. Still, the church could increase its credibility even further in this department with a few additional benchmarks.…  Seguir leyendo »

Por Manuel de Unciti, sacerdote y periodista (EL CORREO DIGITAL, 02/08/06):

Bastante crudo lo va a tener el presidente Rodríguez Zapatero si pretende dar un 'talante' laicista a su comportamiento público en punto a la fe cristiana. Dejó vacía -como se recuerda- su silla en la Eucaristía con la que el Papa Benedicto XVI ponía fin, en Valencia, al V Encuentro Mundial de la Familias; pero a los tres o cuatro días tuvo que hacerse presente en el funeral por el eterno descanso de un soldado español-peruano muerto en Afganistán por un acto terrorista. 'Si no quieres taza, taza y media', pensaría más de un malicioso.…  Seguir leyendo »