Angelo M. Codevilla

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Exemplary bravery has placed the Ukrainian people on the cusp of achieving, for real, the independence it had gained from the Soviet Union’s breakup in 1992 mostly as a formality. Should they succeed, they will do the world a major geopolitical favor, as well as earn freedom for themselves. Securing this independence, though, will require undoing Stalin’s longest-lasting legacy to Ukraine: borders that he drew as a “poison pill.”

The uncontested dominance of Western and central Ukraine’s streets by fighters who are the tearful toast of a grateful nation, the Moscow-puppet president’s eastward flight for his life after being abandoned by the army commanders as well as by much of his party, the abandonment of the capital by members of Parliament from the Eastern regions, the hero’s welcome that the nation accorded to opposition leader Yulia Timoshenko on her release from prison, all suggest that bringing Ukraine back under Russia’s heel by force majeure is now out of the question.…  Seguir leyendo »

On Sunday, the people of Switzerland approved a referendum that imposes restrictions on the number of foreigners allowed to live and work in their country despite an all-out opposition campaign on the part of the country’s political, social and economic establishment, as well as by every government of the European Union.

The Euro-American ruling class is up in arms at the result because the Swiss people decided to do things that the majority of people throughout Europe and America might like to do, but which the rulers in these pretend democracies prevent the people from doing.

There is no appealing a referendum in Switzerland because the people are “the sovereign” practically as well as theoretically.…  Seguir leyendo »